is a Brazilian living legend in the sport of surfing, due both to his performances as a surfer as well as a shaper. He started surfing in the late 1960s and, with his brothers, Picuruta and Lequinho, dominated Sao Paulo's competitive circuits for more than a decade. Despite having won several São Paulo state titles and competing as a professional nationally and internationally, he became interested from an early age in the process of surfboard manufacturing, an area that would eventually become his profession. Initially Salazar peeled boards to the block to make new shapes, until gaining a greater following and becoming a shaper of reference in his city.
In the early 1990s he was invited to come to Europe to shape at Portuguese surfboard brand, Polen, where an emerging market was surging. At the same time Almir would take advantage of his experience as a competitor to raise the sport to a level closer to what was already practiced in his country of origin. He was successful in both areas, shaping around 5,000 boards in a few years and winning the first Portuguese professional surfing title, placing 2nd place in the European Pro / Am circuit and winning 3 national longboard champion titles. In 1995 he returned to Brazil where he resumed his profession as a shaper, remaining active as a competitor in shortboard, longboard and Stand Up Paddle.
In 2016 he returned to Polen, becoming one of the resident shapers of the brand. Almir Salazar is 58 years old and has over 50,000 shapes of experience.



is a surfboard shaper hailing from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. With a degree in Industrial Design, specialized in sustainable materials, Bernardo initially got involved in surfboard shaping when he made the transition from longboarding, where he surfed competitively, back to shortboard surfing. The years he spent drawing different lines than most made him search for an unconventional approach in smaller boards which could not be done with the classic thruster.
Bernardo used his experience in woodworking to build his first boards, experimenting with twin fins and classic Alaias, thus gaining sensitivity as a shaper. He later switched to polyurethane, but the lack of access to less traditional shapes in his country influenced him to spend some seasons in places like California, where he developed his technique and made a name for himself out of his native country of Brazil.
In 2013 he made his first shaping visit to Portugal and in 2016 he joined the Polen Surfboards family. For 2017 Bernardo introduced 6 new models, 100% hand-shaped, an almost lost art these days.

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